About Ophelia Heading

I have over 20+ years of experience as a trainer, speaker and success empowerment coach. specializing in emotional resiliency, grief literacy, assertiveness communication, mental-health wellness, and mindfulness practices.

I train and support managers, business owners and community leaders, to create brave spaces in their organizations that empower their people, teams and communities to go from grief to growth.

Clients engage me because of the attractive force I carry based on empathy, compassion and a commitment to encouraging the heart. I also am well versed in supporting supporting people to have uncomfortable conversations on inclusion, mental health stigma and how to promote a sense of belonging.

I know what it is to lose hopes and dreams and experience the horror of loss and betrayal and also know what it is to rebuild and come back resilient and wiser than ever. I am a self-proclaimed scarf-aoholic who enjoys spending time with my niece. I am also a radical self-care practitioner.



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Bachelor Of Arts - Specializing In Psychology
Master of Education In Leadership - Current
Certified Grief Service Provider
Licensed, Specialty-Certified New Life Story & Wellness Coach