Leadership Offerings

Ophelia Rigault conducts all the trainings herself. The half-day and mentorship sessions as currently only offered digitally.
The 3-day and 5-day courses can be offered in person with proper COVID-19 precautions taken.

60 - Minute Employee Workshops

These hour virtual workplace-based learning sessions offer leaders and employees an opportunity to explore topics such as: grief and loss, resiliency and how to bounce back, how to create personal wellness strategies including approaches such as mindfulness, setting boundaries, and assertive communication.

Half-Day Grief Literacy Training for Leaders

Managers will be taught grief literacy skills:

How to Recognize it in their employees

Tools to communicate with employees

Participants will leave with a PDF overview of learnings and tools.

3-Day Leadership Reset

I firmly believe this training should begin at the management level, and once completed, it is impactful to then bring the employees to the table in their own session.

After managers complete the 3-Day Leadership Reset program, I can customize a training program for employees.

Managers will dig deeper into grief literacy, cultural grief, the impacts and how to bring this awareness to the workplace .

Participants will leave with a PDF overview of learnings and tools to handle personal grief as well as employee grief.

One-on-One Mentorship for Leaders or Employees

The mentorship program is customizable to individuals or a small group who require one-on-one support to move through their grief.