Real Talk Podcast

REAL TALK with Ophelia is a solo podcast series hosted by TV Host, Speaker, Grief Educator and Sassy Trinidadian-Canadian V. Ophelia Rigault.

Ophelia speaks directly to topics of the transformative, uncomfortable and yet powerful power of grief. She also shares how racism, privilege, and mental health wellness greatly affect how we grieve.

Ophelia does this in short-bit-sized snippets. Each episode is about 5 to 15 minutes in length. New episodes generally drop every Friday.


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Grief of Disappointment

The word disappointment originates from the Old French word désappointer which means “to deprive of an office or position.” In relationships, when we feel disappointed in a person - we are feeling...

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Stop Silver-lining It

I have no problem with you seeing the bright sides of things, or being optimistic or having a positive personality. I am a very positive person. However, when we don't let others sit with their pain, share their pain...

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