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REAL TALK SOLUTIONS provides coaching and training to authentic leaders on creating, building, and maintaining a culture of resiliency, equity, and inclusion.

Globally, we have all been grieving the loss of friends, family, social connections, and so many more aspects of our lives that we took for granted. Employees are coming back to work and still feeling a sense of insecurity. There is a need for increased racial and gender equality in the workplace, and your people are demanding solutions now. This instability is causing resignations, low efficiency and overall dissatisfaction in life and work. Employees are re-evaluating and need their leaders to guide the way. In essence, people do not feel that they belong at work.

On a societal level, the last few years have caused many managers and leaders to feel uncomfortable about addressing their employees in the areas of mental health, wellness, and grief loss. The effects of Me Too, Black Lives Matter, and the Indian Residential Schools (to name a few) have created paralysis on how to speak authentically with employees on these vitally important issues.

REAL TALK SOLUTIONS can support your organization through education, training and coaching to develop solutions to create a resilient culture of equity and belonging.