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REAL is an acronym for Resiliency, Equity, and Authentic Leadership.

Soul Grief


Globally, we have all been grieving loss of friends, family, social connection and so many more aspects of lives, that we took for granted. Employees are coming back to work and still feeling a sense of insecurity. This instability is causing resignations, low efficiency and overall dissatisfaction in life and work. Employees are re-evaluating and need their leaders to guide the way.

On a societal level, the last few years have caused many managers to feel uncomfortable on how to address their employees in the areas of mental health, wellness, and grief loss. The effects of Me Too, Black Lives Matter, and the Indian Residential Schools (to name a few) have created paralysis on how to speak authentically with employees on these vitally important issues. This silence can be rectified with proper grief literacy training.

The focus of my training is to dive deep into the profound impact of how these societal issues have at it’s root is a deep deep wound – that I call soul grief.

Grief IconAt its root, racism is a grief. It is a soul grief that you feel when you are hated due to the colour of your skin.

Grief IconAt its root, sexism is grief for not being valued for being a woman.

Grief IconAt its root, mental health stigma, is a grief for not being loved by society because you experience emotions differently.

Soul grief profoundly affects all of us emotionally, physically, spiritually, and generationally. It costs our society millions of dollars a year. It is time for you as a leader to learn how to help your people mourn, and support them in creating wellness roadmap so they and your company can go from grief to growth.


REAL Talk Solutions gets to the root issues.

I merge my vast experience, training, and education to create a unique solution to help your organization navigate the complicated and unexpected challenges of grief and loss coming to work.

My workshops and training focuses on 4 main areas:



At the root, our collective is facing soul grief. This training digs into how that translates in a day-to-day work environment - and how to handle it with grace.

Mental Health


The mental health crisis is at an all time high, and this affects all of us directly or indirectly. It is imperative managers understand how to navigate mental health conversations.


Fiscal Health


This training impacts the bottom line. Employee retention and efficiency is increased when the employee is managed with thoughtfulness and authenticity.



This training is important for the well-being of our employees, but it also greatly impacts the bottom line. Happier employees and managers are more committed and efficient.


  • Organizations that are passionate about inclusion, diversity, wellness, and creating employee resilency.
  • My commitment to excellence shows in every interaction. Companies wanting to increase their grief literacy for the purpose of creating an environment of belonging.
  • Yoga & Wellness Studios seeking a guest teacher on diversity, mental health and grief.
  • Corporate HR & Wellness Managers in need wanting a skilled facilitator. and trainer.
  • Bloggers, Podcasters and Retreat Host desiring a savvy and engaging speaker.
  • Business Leaders wanting a deep dive into grief literacy.
  • Journalist, TV & Radio Producers in need of an expert guest on their webinars, blogs, podcasts, and TV shows.