Testimonial Heading

V. Ophelia Rigault recently delivered a workshop on grief and entrepreneurship for our WE-CAN clients which was well-received. Her heart-centred approach was appreciated by the audience, including her handling of sensitive questions during the Q&A session. Ophelia’s passion shines through in her presentation, and her commitment to the holistic wellness of her audience is outstanding. Thank you, Ophelia!

~ Kerry Ramsay, Project Manager, WE-CAN Project at Queen’s University

~ Sheri Carter-Godfrey

CEO of SheriGodrey.com and Conversations to Connect and Founder of Eastern Ontario Women in Business

This workshop was a safe space for women’ entrepreneurs to name their feelings surrounding grief and loss for their businesses. Ophelia met each individual with unconditional empathy and validated their experiences while providing tools to support business leaders in their daily work, as well as in their personal lives. My greatest takeaway from this event was to take time to pre- plan for significant events such as a loss in an employee’s life by ensuring there is a clear and concise plan for arranging for flowers, food, cards, etc. Ophelia really drives home to plan when we are in a clear headspace so when we are in times of crisis, we can fall back on our created plan. Ophelia's genuine approach to grief and loss makes her presence as a facilitator relatable - which ultimately increases viewers participation. She is quick to form connections with participants and uses witty humor to personalize the discussion. Ophelia is a knowledgeable, confident facilitator with years of experience in both the mental health and the business fields, which makes her the perfect host for events which combine the two. Her presentations are professional and her facilitator skills keep everyone engaged, which is why I would recommend Ophelia Rigault for future presentations.

~ Samantha Galati, Participant

Participant of: The Uninvited Client: Managing Your Business Through Grief + Loss

This workshop helped clearly distinguish the different types of grief. Ophelia shared examples that made it easy to apply the knowledge into real life. During COVID19, it felt validating to have someone acknowledge the anticipatory grief I may have been feeling. The workshop taught me that some emotions I may be feeling could be connected to grief and loss rather than to a general sense of anxiety. In addition to this, Ophelia provided participants with a practical guide “8 Strategies to Connect to the Sweetness of Life in Times of Grief and Sorrow” which helps readers understand grief and connect it to practical skills in order to grow while grieving. Ophelia’s check-ins throughout the presentation created a safe and welcoming atmosphere where individuals could ask questions or take a much needed thinking break from the heavier material in the presentation. Her slideshows and execution were professional and informative. I would attend another workshop hosted by Ophelia Rigault. 

~ Samantha Galati, Participant

Participant of: Navigating the Lockdown Blues: An Online Workshop on Resilience, Self-care, and Mindfulness During COVID-19 Confirmation.